The New York Times

Meet the Xenobots, Virtual Creatures Brought to Life
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Book Review. What if, Instead of the Internet, We Had Xenobots?
In NYT Magazine as: I, Xenobot

Evening Briefing. Coronavirus, Masks, Bill Withers: Your Friday Evening Briefing

The Guardian

Scientists use stem cells from frogs to build first living robots

Word of the Week. Xenobot: how did earth’s newest lifeforms get their name?


Meet the xenobot: world’s first living, self-healing robots created from frog stem cells

Sky News

The world’s first ‘living robots’ unveiled - and they can self-heal

Bloomberg Quicktake

CBC TV The Nature of Things

The Machine That Feels

The Economist

A research team builds robots from living cells

Economist Radio: The Intelligence. Tiny bots blur the line between biological and mechanical

Computer-designed organisms · Economist Radio: Tiny machines made from the stem cells of frogs

BBC Radio 4 Sunday

A Hidden Life, Xenobots, Synagogue Leadership Row

Computer-designed organisms · BBC Radio 4 Sunday: The religious, moral, and ethical implications of Xenobots.

Science Friday

Living Robots, Designed By Computer

Computer-designed organisms · SciFri: Living Robots, Designed By Computer

BBC World Service

Computer-designed organisms · BBC World Service: Computer designed organisms (with Josh Bongard)
Computer-designed organisms · BBC World Service: Xenobots (with Douglas Blackiston)

CBC Quirks & Quarks

Scientists create a robot made entirely of living cells

Computer-designed organisms · CBC Quirks & Quarks: Scientists Create A Robot Made Entirely Of Living Cells

The Bugle

Computer-designed organisms · The Bugle Ep. 4137: Xenobots



The Boston Globe

Scientists at UVM, Tufts create “living robots”

New York Post

World’s first “living robots” are made from the stem cells of frogs

Fox News

Tiny “xenobots” made from cells could heal our bodies and clean the environment

CTV News

The “xenobot” is the world’s newest robot – and it’s made from living animal cells

The Times

How tiny ‘biobots’ could enter bodies to clean arteries and administer drugs

The Telegraph

Living robots created as scientists turn frog cells into ‘entirely new life-forms’

The Independent

Scientists Create First “Living Robots” in Major Breakthrough

Daily Mail

The first LIVING robots

Evening Standard

Scientists create world’s first ‘living robots’ using frog embryos


The genesis of robotic life and the future of humanity

Discover Magazine

Part Robot, Part Frog: Xenobots Are the First Robots Made From Living Cells
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Smithsonian Magazine

Scientists Assemble Frog Stem Cells Into First “Living Machines”

The Week

Robots made from frog cells (PDF)

The big scientific breakthroughs of 2020

BBC Science Focus

Living Robots Built From Stem Cells (PDF)

Science Illustrated

Scientists build machines based on living cells (PDF)


Meet Xenobot, an Eerie New Kind of Programmable Organism

The Xenobot Future Is Coming—Start Planning Now

MIT Technology Review

These “xenobots” are living machines designed by an evolutionary algorithm

Scientific American

World’s First “Living Machine” Created Using Frog Cells and Artificial Intelligence

Christian Science Monitor

Behold the xenobots – part frog, part robot. But are they alive?


Frog embryo cells create ‘living robots’


World’s First “Living Robot” Invites New Opportunities And Risks

Nominated For A Prestigious Design Award, This Living Organism Is Poised To Redesign Life Itself


Tiny living robots made from frog cells could soon swim inside your body

Nature News & Comment

Giant Moon rocket, living robots and quantum computer – January’s best science images

Nature Materials

Living Robots

PNAS Science Sessions Podcast

Designing synthetic organisms

Royal Society

Animate materials
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These tiny living robots could help science eavesdrop on cellular gossip

These Are the First Living Robots: Machines Made from Frog Stem Cells

The Scientist

Algorithm Designs Robots Using Frog Cells

2020 in Pictures

The Biologist

The first organism whose evolutionary history was in a computer (with Michael Levin)
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Breakthrough Scientific Discoveries Of 2020: Top 10 List

The Science Times

Meet Xenobots: World’s First Living and Self-Healing Robots Using Stem Cells From Frog Embryos


Robots made of living animal cells

The Conversation

Not bot, not beast: scientists create first ever living, programmable organism

The Hill

World’s first living robots created using frog stem cells

Air & Space

Artificial Intelligence: Cure for What Ails Us, or Looming Threat to the World?

The Next Web

Scientists used stem cells to create a new life-form: Organic robots [PDF]

The Irish Independent

Tiny robot frogs made from living cells ‘an entirely new life-form’

The Irish Sun

SCIENTISTS are claiming to have made the first “living robots”

Times of India

US scientists create world’s first-ever ‘living robots’

Times Now

Xenobots: Scientists create world’s first self-healing robots using frog stem cells

The Financial Express

Artificial life: Development of Xenobots, programmable organisms to have far-reaching therapeutic implications

Communications of the ACM

UVM, Tufts Team Builds ‘Living’ Robots

IEEE Spectrum

AI-Designed ‘Living Robots’ Crawl, Heal Themselves


Scientist Develop “Walking Caviar” to Make the First-Ever Living Machine


Made Entirely From Cells, These Adorable ‘Xenobots’ Are Practically Alive


In true Frankenstein fashion, researchers create living machines from frog embryos


Scientists have created a new type of robot that is literally alive

How It Works

Future Tech: How to make living machines

Big Think

Researchers build living robots from frog cells

Design News

‘Living’ Robots Combine Machines and Organisms







Cold Fusion

International Coverage:

MIT Technology Review China


Illustreret Videnskab (Denmark)


Diario El Universo (Ecuador)

Creados los “xenobots”, organismos descritos como “robots vivos”

Helsingin Sanomat (Finland)

Soluista tehty minirobotti on kuin uusi elämänmuoto

Science & Vie (France)

Voici le Xénobot, premier robot biologique
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L’Express (France)

Grenouilles conçues par ordinateur : des scientifiques créent les premiers robots vivants

RMC Découverte (France)

Die Welt (Germany)

Forscher haben erstmals ‘lebende’ Mini-Roboter erschaffen

Bild der Wissenschaft (Germany)

Lebende Roboter entwickelt

Der Tagesspiegel (Germany)

Forscher bauen erstmals lebende Roboter

Skai (Greece)

Δημιουργήθηκαν τα πρώτα ζωντανά ρομπότ

Index (Hungary)

Élő sejtekből építettek robotot

La Repubblica (Italy)

Xenobot, il primo robot vivente fatto con cellule

Le Scienze (Italy)

Ecco gli xenobot, i primi robot fatti di cellule viventi

Newsweek Japan

カエルの幹細胞から生体ロボットが世界で初めて開発 自己再生もする

Noticieros Televisa (Mexico)

El Heraldo de México

Biobots, la nueva revolución

Newsweek México

Científicos estadounidenses crean los primeros robots vivos con células de ranas

de Volkskrant (Netherlands)

Wetenschappers bouwen ‘levende robot’ van kikkercellen

Trouw (Netherlands)

Wetenschappers creëren een nieuwe vorm van leven

Onderzoekers hebben met een supercomputer nieuwe organismen ontworpen. Is dat oké?

El Comercio (Peru)

Biotecnología: usan células de rana para diseñar microrrobots

Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland)

Naukowcy z USA zbudowali pierwsze roboty z żywych komórek. Swoje “żywe” maszyny nazwali xenobotami

National Geographic España

Construyen los primeros robots vivientes

El Mundo (Spain)

Construyen a partir de células de rana los primeros robots vivos

El País (Spain)

Creadas por primera vez “máquinas vivientes” con células animales

Cómo se hace un biobot

La Razón (Spain)

Lo primeros robots biológicos ni son seres vivos ni curan enfermedades: la fiebre del Biobot

Los 10 avances científicos más espectaculares de 2020

Tages-Anzeiger (Switzerland)

Hier kommt Xenobot, derlebende Roboter